FLUX 2019 Poster

Deprivation, Threat, and Brain Structure

This page was created to store information about my 2019 flux poster. The related paper, Childhood trauma and brain structure in children and adolescents, has since been published. Here is the information originally posted about the poster:

The Poster

Feel free to download a copy of the poster here: Thumbnail with link to poster

More information about the project.

This poster was based on a talk given at SRCD in 2019. You can get more information about the project in these annotated slides. Paper forthcoming! alt : Download the slides here.

About the Design

My poster was designed based on the #betterposter layout by Mike Morrison, with some liberties taken to fit in some big central figures. For the methodology of the design, as well as a very validating analysis of where traditional poster sessions go astray, I recommend Mike's video about poster design. My poster was built using a LaTeX template by Rafael Bailo, which I would recommend highly but only if you already use LaTeX. Powerpoint and indesign templates (including examples and helpful tips), are also available.