FLUX 2019 Poster

Deprivation, Threat, and Brain Structure

Thanks for coming to my poster at FLUX! Here is some more information:

The Poster

Feel free to download a copy of the poster here: Thumbnail with link to poster

More information about the project.

This poster was based on a talk given at SRCD in 2019. You can get more information about the project in these annotated slides. Paper forthcoming! alt : Download the slides here.

About the Design

My poster was designed based on the #betterposter layout by Mike Morrison, with some liberties taken to fit in some big central figures. For the methodology of the design, as well as a very validating analysis of where traditional poster sessions go astray, I recommend Mike's video about poster design. My poster was built using a LaTeX template by Rafael Bailo, which I would recommend highly but only if you already use LaTeX. Powerpoint and indesign templates (including examples and helpful tips), are also available.